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Book Author Shelf
A Centenary story of the Co-operative Union 1869 – 1969 Desmond Flanagan Shelf One
A Century of Co-operation G.D.H Cole Shelf Two
A Century of Co-operative Insurance, 1867 – 1967 Ronald George Garnett Shelf Four
A Century of Rochdale Co-operation – 1844 – 1944 Joseph Reeves Shelf Four
A Century of Stupendous Progress – 1825 – 1925 Joseph McCabe Shelf Four
A Consensus Handbook
A Consumers Democracy – An account of the origins and growth of the Co-operative Wholesale Society C.W.S Shelf Four
A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain Owen Hatherley Shelf Five
A Handbook of Freedom – a record of English democracy through twelve centuries Shelf Two
A New Kind of Bleak – Journeys through urban Britain Owen Hatherley Shelf Five
A New Politics From the Left Hilary Wainwright
A New View of Society and Other Writings Robert Owen
A Pocket History of the Working Class Raymond Postgate Shelf Five
A Social and Economic History of England P.W.J. Riley Shelf Five
A Useable Past? Volume 1: Victorian Agitator George Jacob Holyoake Professor Stephen Yeo
A Very Special Adventure – WEA
ABC of Chairmanship Walter Citrine
Alexander Campbell and The Search for Socialism W. Hamish Fraser Shelf Four
All Our Own Work Andrew Bibby
An Inclusive Community With Integrity Terry Thomas Shelf One
Aneurin Bevan. Vol I Michael Foot
Aneurin Bevan. Vol II Michael Foot
Another Heart and Other Pulses Michael Foot
Back to the Future of Socialism Peter Hain
Banner Bright John Gorman Shelf One
Beyond the Crash – Overcoming the first crisis of globalisation Gordon Brown Shelf Three
Boldness be my Friend – Remembering Bob Cryer MP Shelf Five
Bread For All: the origins of the welfare state Chris Renwick
Brick Upon Brick – Co-op Permanent Building Socy. 1884 – 1934 Albert Mansbridge Shelf One
Brick Upon Brick – South West Co-operative Housing Socy 1944 -1994 Erick Stafford Shelf One
British Co-operation Arnold Bonner Shelf Two
British Co-operation Today The Co-operative Union Shelf Four
Brotherly Tomorrows: movements for a cooperative society in America 1820 – 1920 Edward K. Spann
Building a Better World – 100 stories of co-operation Kate Askew Shelf Two
Building Co-operation – A business history of the Co-operative Group 1863 – 2013 John F. Wilson, Anthony Webster & Rachael Vorberg-Rugh Shelf One
Caring and Sharing – the centenary history of the Co-operative Women Guild Jean Gaffin & David Thoms Shelf One
Caring and Sharing – The centenary History of the Co-operative Women’s Guild Jean Gaffin & David Thoms Shelf Five
Chavs – The demonisation of the working class Owen Jones Shelf Three
Churchill’s Favourite Socialist – A Life of A. V. Alexander John Tilley
Clarion Call Dave Sissons, Terry Howard & Roly Smith
Clem Attlee Francis Beckett
CND – Now more than ever, the story of a peace movement Kate Hudson Shelf Five
Co-op – the peoples business Johnston Birchall Shelf One
Co-op: a novel of living together Upton Sinclair
Co-operation Joseph Clayton Shelf One
Co-operation and Globalisation Anthony Webster
Co-operation and the Future of Industry Leonard S. Woolf Shelf Two
Co-operation and the New Orientation Fred Longden Shelf Four
Co-operation and the Owenite socialist communities in Britain 1825-45 R.G. Garnett
Co-operation Today Nora Stettner
Co-operation: A survey of the history, principles and organisation of the Co-operative Movement in Great Britain and Ireland F. Hall & W.P Watkins Shelf Four
Co-operative Education The Co-operative Union
Co-operative Enterprises Georges Lasserre – Co-operative Union Shelf Four
Co-operative Ideals and Problems Anders Orne Shelf Four
Co-operative Ideology Rita Rhodes
Co-operative Independent Commission Report Shelf Two
Co-operative Life – A course of lectures delivered in 1889 Shelf Two
Co-operative Politics Inside Capitalist Society Fred Longden Shelf One
Co-operative Principles – Today and Tomorrow W.P.Watkins Shelf One
Co-operative Retailing 1914 – 1945 J.A. Hough Shelf Four
Common Wealth – For a Free, Equal, Mutual and Sustainable Society Martin Large
Conflict & Co-operation – Rochdale & the Pioneering Spirit, 1790 – 1844 John Cole Shelf Four
Consumers Co-operation in Great Britain Carr-Saunders, Florence & Peers Shelf Two
Consumers in Politics Thomas F. Carbery Shelf One
Consumers’ Co-operative Societies Charles Gide Shelf Two
Cooperation Works E.G.Nadeau & David J. Thompson Shelf One
Cooperative Democracy – through voluntary association of the people as consumers James Peter Warbasse Shelf Four
Death Pays A Dividend Fenner Brockway & Frederic Mullally Shelf Five
Dividend on Co-operative Purchases J. A. Hough Shelf Two
Dr William King and the Co-operator 1828 – 1830 Edited by T. W. Mercer
Earby Co-op, The Peoples’ Shop.
Earning a Living – memories of work in and around Sheffield WEA Shelf One
Earthrights – Education as if the planet really mattered Sue Greig, Graham Pike & David Selby Shelf Five
Ebenezer Elliott: Corn Law Rhymer & Poet of the Poor Keith Morris & Ray Hearne
Economic Advance of British Co-operation, 1913 – 1931 H.J. Twigg Shelf Four
Edmund Frow (Eddie) 1906 – 1997: the making of an activist Ruth Frow
Edward Carpenter: a life of liberty and love Sheila Rowbotham
Elements of Commercial History F. Hall Shelf Four
Empire and Cooperation Rita Rhodes
England: Cradle of Co-operation Sydney R. Elliott Shelf Two
England’s Co-operative Movement – An Architectural History Lynn Pearson
Environmental Science – Living with the system of nature Kupchella & Hyland Shelf Five
Essays in the Economic and Social History of South Yorkshire Shelf Five
Fabian Essays on Co-operation Shelf Four
Fair and Square – ethical shopping matters Shelf One
Fantasy Island Larry Elliott & Dan Atkinson Shelf Three
Feelbad Britain – How to make it better Pat Devine, Andrew Pearmain & David Purdy Shelf Three
Feminism and the Politics of Working Women Shelf One
From Serfdom to Socialism Keir Hardie
Gilsland Spa – A Co-operative Centenary History Jim Lamb Shelf One
Goliath – Britains dangerous places Beatrix Campbell Shelf Five
Grocery and the Millennium – the Co-operative College and the People who made it David Lazell Shelf Two
Growth of English Industry and Commerce W. Cunningham, D.D. Shelf Four
Handbook of the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965 W.J. Chappenden Shelf Four
Handbook to the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893 – 1928 Robert Southern Shelf Two
Harold Wilson: The Winner Nick Thomas-Symonds
Here on Earth – The planet and the human race Tim Flannery Shelf Three
History of the SCWS Ltd Kinloch & Butt Shelf Two
History Workshop – a journal of socialist historians Shelf Four
Honourable Friends Caroline Lucas
Hope in Hell – a decade to confront the climate emergency Jonathon Porritt
Housing Co-operatives John Hands Shelf One
Housing Co-operatives in Britain David Clapham & Keith Kintrea Shelf One
How Great a Crime – to tell the truth Steven & Neil Kay
How to Give Up Plastic Will McCallum
How to Set Up a Workers Co-operative – Radical Routes – Catalyst Collective Michael Cassell Shelf One
How Will Capitalism End? Wolfgang Streeck
Ill Fares the Land Tony Judt Shelf Three
In Place of Fear Aneurin Bevan
Industrial Co-operation – the story of a peaceful revolution Shelf Four
Inequality – What can be done? Anthony B. Atkinson Shelf Three
Inequality and the 1% Danny Dorling Shelf Three
Injustice: why social inequality persists Daniel Dorling
Inside the Left Fenner Brockway
Inside View Richard Crossman Shelf Three
International Co-operative Alliance Report September 1924 Shelf Two
Joan Maynard – Passionate Socialist Kristine Mason O'Connor (foreword by Tony Benn) Shelf Three
Labour & Socialism – A history of the British Labour Movement 1867 – 1974 James Hinton Shelf Three
Labouring for Peace Grace Crookall-Greening & Rosalie Huzzard
Lancashire’s Romantic Radical Paul Salveson Shelf Three
Law for Co-operatives Dafydd Jenkins Shelf Two
Learning for a Co-operative World Edited by Tom Woodin & Linda Shaw
Life and Struggles of William Lovett in his pursuit of bread, knowledge and freedom Introduction by R.H. Tawney Shelf Four
Life As We Have Known It Edited by Margaret Llewelyn Davies Shelf One
Life Long Labour: a local history chronicle of life in South Yorkshire Frank Rodgers. Edited by Helen Jackson
Lives of Great Men and Women Catherine Webb Shelf Two
Lost Voices of the Edwardians Max Arthur Shelf Five
Man of Steel Kit Sollitt
Mapping Popular Politics – A brief history of radicalism in the North East John Charlton Shelf One
Margaret Llewelyn Davies – With Women for a New World Ruth Cohen
Merrie England Robert Blatchford
New Views of Co-operation Shelf One
New Views of Society – Robert Owen for the 21st Century Shelf One
No Such Thing As A Free Gift Linsey McGoey
On a Clear Day David Blunkett Shelf Three
One Thing After Another Stan Crowther
Our Story – A history of the co-operative movement for young co-operators Isa Nicholson Shelf Four
Out of the People JB Priestley
Out of the Wilderness – Diaries Tony Benn Shelf Three
Paint Your Town Red – how Preston took back control and your town can too Matthew Brown & Rhian E. Jones
People Over Capital – the co-operative alternative to capitalism Shelf One
People’s Republic of South Yorkshire: a political memoir 1970 – 1992 Helen Jackson
Plunder of the Commons: A Manifesto for Sharing Wealth Guy Standing
Pollute and be Damned Arthur Bourne Shelf Three
Power in Co-operatives – Democratic control in British retail Societies G.N Ostergaard & A.H Halsey Shelf One
Progress and Poverty Henry George
Promise of a Dream: remembering the sixties Sheila Rowbotham
Purple Plague: a novel Fenner Brockway
Railpolitik – Bringing railways back to the community Paul salveson Shelf Three
Red Liner Fenner Brockway
Reinventing the Co-operative – Enterprises for the 21st Century Edgar Parnell Shelf One
Revolution Russell Brand Shelf Three
Rising Tides – Visions for an ecological age Rory Spowers Shelf Three
Robert Owen of New Lanark Margaret Cole Shelf Four
Robert Owen: exploring social enterprise from the past to the future The Co-operative College
Robert Tressell – A Life in Hell Ian Hernon
Roses and Revolutionists Nigel Todd Shelf Four
Sailing Close to the wind Dennis Skinner Shelf Three
Save Our Shop – the fall and rise of the small co-operative store Johnston Birchall Shelf One
Scargill Paul Routledge Shelf Three
School Wars – The battle for Britain’s education Melissa Benn Shelf Five
Seditious Things: the songs of Joseph Mather – Sheffield’s Georgian Punk Poet Ed. Steven Kay and Jack Windle
Serving the People – Co-operative Party History from Fred Perry to Gordon Brown Greg Rosen Shelf One
Sheffield Troublemakers David Price
Sixty Years of Co-operative Printing Co-operative Printing Society
Small is Beautiful E.F. Schumacher Shelf Five
Socialism with a Northern Accent Paul Salveson Shelf Three
Speak for Britain – A new history of the Labour Party Martin Pugh Shelf Five
Taxation of Co-operative Societies Co-operative Union Shelf Four
The British Co-operative Movement Jack Bailey Shelf One
The Chesterfield Letters of Edward Carpenter Edward Carpenter
The Co-op Legacy – United Co-op Ed Gilnert Shelf One
The Co-operative Advantage Shelf Five
The Co-operative Directory – 1957 the Co-operative Union Shelf Four
The Co-operative Movement at Home and Abroad Hebe Spaull & D.H. Kay Shelf Four
The Co-operative Movement In Britain E. Topham & J.H. Hough Shelf Four
The Co-operative Movement in Great Britain Beatrice Potter Shelf Four
The Co-operative Movement in Greater Nottingham: A journey towards political representation Christopher Richardson Shelf One
The Co-operative Movement in the World Today Hebe Spaull Shelf Four
The Co-operative Opportunity The UK Co-operative Council Shelf Four
The Co-operative Revolution – A Graphic Novel Shelf One
The Co-operative Story Agnes Allen Shelf Two
The Co-operators A history of the Fenwick Weavers John McFadzean Shelf One
The Colonial Revolution Fenner Brockway Shelf Five
The Condition of Britain G.D.H. & M.I. Cole Shelf Four
The CWS in War and Peace Sir William Richardson Shelf Two
The Dignity of Labour Jon Cruddas
The Earth – An intimate history Richard Fortey Shelf Five
The Establishment Owen Jones
The Fall of the Ethical Bank Paul Gosling
The Folk Trail – philosophy and activities of Woodcraft Fellowships Leslie A. Paul (Little Otter) Shelf Four
The Future of Socialism Anthony Crossland Shelf Three
The Future We Choose – surviving the climate crisis Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac
The General – The ordinary man who changed Guantanamo Ahmed Errachidi Shelf Five
The Hidden Alternative – Co-operative values past, present and future Shelf One
The History of the City of Sheffield 1843 – 1993. Vol. 1 Politics ed. Clyde Binfield
The History of the Rochdale Pioneers: illustrated edition George Jacob Holyoake
The ILP: Past & Present. Part One Barry Winter
The Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1893, Amendment 1913 Shelf Two
The Industrial Revolution Arnold Toynbee Shelf Two
The International Co-operative Movement Johnston Birchall
The Labour Party Manifesto 2017: for the many not the few The Labour Party
The Labour Party Manifesto 2019: it’s time for real change The Labour Party
The Life and Times of Sidney and Beatrice Webb 1858 – 1905 Royden J. Harrison Shelf Three
The Life of Arnold Freeman: Philosopher, Teacher and Social Reformer Kenneth Gibson
The Making of the English Working Class E. P. Thompson
The Mount Street Club Peter Somerville-Large, Mary E. Daly, Colin Murphy
The myth that will not die: the formation of the National Government 1931 Humphrey Berkeley
The Nature of Co-operation John G. Craig
The Outfitter’s Salesman E. Ostick Shelf Two
The People’s Cinema – Film and the Co-operative Movement Alan Burton Shelf Five
The People’s Peace – British history since 1945 Kenneth O. Morgan Shelf Five
The Power of Just Doing Stuff Rob Hopkins Shelf Three
The Precariat Guy Standing
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Robert Tressell
The Red Flag of Anarchy Andrew Lee
The Right to Learn – the WEA in the North of England 1910 – 2010 Shelf One
The Shop for the People – two centuries of co-operative enterprise in Hull and East Yorkshire John E. Smith Shelf One
The Smoke-Dragon and How to Destroy it Edward Carpenter
The Spirit Level Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett Shelf Three
The Story of Sheffield Tim Cooper
The Story of the CWS Percy Redfearn Shelf Two
The Story Re-told Julia P. Madams Shelf Two
The Theory & Practice of Socialism John Strachey
The Transition Handbook – From oil dependency to local resilience Rob Hopkins Shelf Three
The World Co-operative Movement Margaret Digby – sec. of Plunkett Foundation Shelf Four
The World in a Classroom Shelf Five
The world of Co-operative enterprise 1996 Plunkett Foundation Shelf Four
These Houses are Ours: Co-operative and Community-led housing alternatives, 1870 – 1919 Andrew Bibby
Thirteen Acres: John Ruskin and the Totley Communists Sally Goldsmith
This Changes Everything Naomi Klein Shelf Three
Tony Benn – A biography Jad Addams Shelf Five
Towards the Co-operative Commonwealth – Essays in the history of co-operation Shelf One
Towards the Co-operative Commonwealth – why poverty in the midst of plenty? T. W. Mercer
Trolly Wars – The battle of the supermarkets Judi Bevan Shelf One
Troublemakers Leslie Derlin
Two Hours That Shook the World – September 11, 2001. Causes and Consequences Fred Halliday Shelf Five
Understanding the Financial System: Social Credit Rediscovered Frances Hutchinson
Universal Basic Income pamphlet Edward Carpenter
Unlocking Sustainable Cities Paul Chatterton
Up Then Brave Women – Manchester’s Radical Women 1819 – 1918 Michael Herbert Shelf One
Victor Grayson Harry Taylor
Voices from the CWS – an oral history 1942 – 2014 Kath Connolly & Maria Goulding Shelf One
Voices of Wortley Hall – the story of Labour’s Home 1951 – 2011 John Cornwell Shelf One
Weavers of Dreams – Founders of the modern cooperative movement David J. Thompson Shelf One
Welcome to Sheffield: A Migration History David Price
What Would Keir Hardie Say? ed. Pauline Bryan
What’s Left – Labour and the Socialist Tradition David Powell Shelf Five
When We Build Again – let’s have housing that works Colin Ward Shelf One
Who Runs Britain? Robert Peston Shelf Three
Who Was J.T.W Mitchell? Stephen Yeo Shelf Two
William Hazell’s Gleaming Vision
William Morris: Selected Poems William Morris
William Morris’s Socialist Diary William Morris
Woodcraft and World Service I.O. Evans (Blue Swift) Shelf Four
Workers’ Co-operatives: jobs and dreams Jenny Thornley
Working Greener – Sustainable work strategies for organisations, industry and Business Kathleen Ralston & Chris Church Shelf Five
Working Men Co-operators Rt. Hon Sir Arthur Acland, Bart. & B. Jones Shelf Four
Working Together – co-operation through the ages F.J. Gould Shelf Four