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The Principle 5 Collection is now fully catalogued. The archive material is recorded on 12 spreadsheets which you will find on the Archives page:


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Principle 5 Lending Library

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Library Books




Aizlewood’s Mill

Nursery Street

Sheffield S3 8GG


Special edition of the Sheffield Co-operator published by Principle 5 on behalf of Sheffield Co-operative Party

Sheffield Co-operator (Centenary Edition)


The Sheffield Co-operator edition 172 (September 2018)

A Principle 5 Publication

Sheffield Co-operator September 2018


Principle 5 newsletter

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International Co-operatives Day 2018

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reviving co-operative culture

Purposes and Aims

• Protect and safeguard the books, publications, archival materials and resources placed in trust for the use of the co-operative movement and for future generations.

• Make these available to all members who would wish to use them.

• Support the development of co-operative education and culture.

• Work co-operatively with other organisations and individuals who have compatible aims.

• Seek support from the wider co-operative movement.

• Be as true as possible to the ICA Statement of Co-operative identity (Values and Principles).


Reviving Co-operative Culture

Aizlewood's Mill

Aizlewood’s Mill

Home of Principle 5


Sheffield Live Interview

Principle 5 Chair Jonathan Cook spoke about Principle 5 on local radio. To hear the interview on Sheffield Live:


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