What Would Keir Hardie Say?

Founder and first leader of the Labour Party, Keir Hardie was a passionate campaigner for social justice. A socialist and a trade unionist, he described himself as ‘above all an agitator’ Hardie gave unstinting commitment to women’s suffrage, building the labour movement and the fight against imperialism.

In 2015, one hundred years after Hardie’s death, Pauline Bryan gathers together essays from writers, trade unionists, academics and politicians reflecting on Hardie’s contribution and what it means today.

Has Hardie left a lasting legacy of socialist ideals and vision?

Why is Hardie still relevant to present day politics?

What would Keir Hardie say about:

Edited by Pauline Bryan with contributions by:

Fran Abrams, Melissa Benn, Cathy Jamieson, John Callow,

Jeremy Corbyn, Bob Holman, William Knox, Richard Leonard,

Owen Smith, Dave Watson and Barry Winter

Author: ed. Pauline Bryan