The Power of Just Doing Stuff

the power of just doing stuff

The Power of Just Doing Stuff

how local action can change the world

Rob Hopkins

co-founder of the Transition Movement

Pub. 2013 by Green Books

Something is stirring. People around the world are deciding that the wellbeing of their local community and its economy lies with them. They’re people like you. They’re rolling up their sleeves, getting together with friends and neighbours and doing something about it. Whether they start small or big, they find that just doing stuffcan transform their neighbourhoods and their lives.

This book is packed with inspiring real-life examples, and the voices of people who have created innovative local businesses and invested in all manner of new enterprises. This is the seed of a new economy – the answer to our desperate search for a new way forward. At its heart is people deciding that change starts with them. Communities worldwide are already modelling a more local economy rooted in place, in wellbeing, in entrepreneurship and in creativity. And it works. Reviving the place you live in starts with a small group of people making the decision to do something. One of that group could be you.

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Author: Rob Hopkins

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