Universal Basic Income pamphlet

Published by Principle 5

March 2024

Universal Basic Income. This is the idea that Edward Carpenter was grappling with as the 19th century drew to a close. In “Transitions to Freedom” an essay he contributed to Forecasts of the Coming Century

in 1897, Carpenter produced one of his key political texts, in which he sought to question how society might reform itself if people no longer needed to work to maintain their existence.

Forecasts of the Coming Century also included contributions from Tom Mann, William Morris, Enid Stacy, Grant Allen, and George Bernard Shaw. Now re-titled Universal Basic Income, this essay presents Carpenter at his inquisitive best, asking the simple question, “What would happen to society if people did not need to work in order to live fulfilling lives.” Over a hundred years later, society is no closer to answering this question, even though it feels as if the days of mass employment in well paying jobs is slowly coming to an end. This essay is vital reading for all those people who dream of a better tomorrow.

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Author: Edward Carpenter