2022 Study Group Notes

The Co-operative Movement

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Vertical Integration


2021 Study Group Notes

CWS (Co-operative Wholesale Society) 2021

“More Than Just a Shop” – with notes


The Forward March of Co-operation Halted?

Co-operative Milestones

The Co-operative Movement

Congress 2021

Producer Co-operatives

2020 Study Group Notes

The Co-operative Movement study notes

Co-operative Press 2020

Story of the Co-operative College

What is the Co-operative Heritage Trust?

The Co-operative Heritage Trust Co-op News article

The Co-operative Movement Beginnings

The Rochdale Principles

CRTG (Co-operative Retail Trading Group)

Independent Co-operative Commissions

Co-operative Milestones 1769 – 2000

Worker Co-ops Learning Resource

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Co-operative Culture

A series of essays about the co-operative movement at the

Sheffield Co-ops website:

The Manifesto of The Socialist League

Principle 5 Study Group. May 2020

Note on the Co-operative Women’s Guild

Caring & Sharing

A. Honora Enfield – notes

Co-operating with new technology

Early Co-operatives in Sheffield

The Co-operative Party

Co-op Party Set to Become Independent

Article 2 for Sheffield Co-operator 2018

Arthur Greenwood MP – From Capitalism to Co-operative Comm

Long Millgate’s History




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_CWS 150 Years


Introducton to Pamphlet 3

The ILP Past and Present

Six Years of Labour Rule in Sheffield

Co-operative Youth

Central Comrades Circle


Towards Common Ownership

Sheffield Film Co-op

Principle 5 Pamphlets

Pamphlet 1 – Edward Carpenter – Sheffield and Socialism

Pamphlet 2 – Edward Carpenter – Co-operative Production

Pamphlet 3 – A Honora Enfield – The Future of Co-operation-1

Pamphlet 4 – Six Years of Labour Rule

Sheffield Educational Settlement

Sheffield Educational Settlement papers listing