People Over Capital – the co-operative alternative to capitalism

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People Over Capital

The Co-operative Alternative To Capitalism

Edited by Rob Harrison

Published in 2013 by New Internationalist Publications Ltd

55 Rectory Road, Oxford, OX4 1BW

Ethical consumer. Red Pepper. New Internationalist

Economic turmoil, rampant inequality, austerity politics, climate chaos. Capitalism is clearly failing and ordinary people are being forced to pay the price. Faced with such deep-rooted problems there is real hunger for alternative ways of organising our economic system.

In 2012, the UN-designated International Year of Co-operatives, the research and media co-operative Ethical Consumer mounted an essay competition inviting people to answer the question: ‘Is there a co-operative alternative to capitalism?’

This book showcases the best and most thought-provoking essays in response. Economists, academics, co-operators, politicians and campaigners together show the rich history and vibrant modern life of co-operatives, which have more than 800 million members and 100 million employees around the world – more than are employed by transnational corporations.

Each essay approaches the topic from a new direction – from the flourishing of open source technology to cases of co-operative success in different parts of the world. From the theoretical to the practical to the inspirational, here’s an array of alternative thinking for the challenges ahead.

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