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Purposes and Aims

Protect and safeguard the books, publications, archival materials and resources placed in trust for the use of the co-operative movement and for future generations.

Make these available to all members who would wish to use them.

Provide a focus for co-operative education and culture through talks, discussions, film screenings, social events, visits to other co-operative venues, study groups etc.

Support the development of co-operative education and culture.

Work co-operatively with other organisations and individuals who have compatible aims.

Seek support from the wider co-operative movement.

Be as true as possible to the ICA Statement of Co-operative identity (Values and Principles).

International Statement of Co-operative Identity


An accessible co-operative learning and information resource for all.

Lending Library

Co-operative archive

Co-operative information resource

Talks, study groups, visits and film screenings

Engagement with other co-operatives and libraries

Co-operative News both current and back issues
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About Principle 5

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What is Co-opMaps?

Co-opMaps is a suite of software tools, standards and documentation which provides co-operative analysts, scholars and consultants with a standardized, visual, diagrammatic approach to documenting past, present and future structures of the co-operative movement. Co-opMaps News 4 Dec 2018

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Purposes, Aims and Secondary Rules


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Dennis Chambers – Sustainability

Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook –  Chair

Dr. Chris Olewicz – Publications


Principle 5 Volunteers

Steve Thompson – Membership and library

Steve Wagstaff – Co-opMaps