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Protect and safeguard the books, publications, archival materials and resources placed in trust for the use of the co-operative movement and for future generations.

Make these available to all members who would wish to use them.

Provide a focus for co-operative education and culture through talks, discussions, film screenings, social events, visits to other co-operative venues, study groups etc.

Support the development of co-operative education and culture.

Work co-operatively with other organisations and individuals who have compatible aims.

Seek support from the wider co-operative movement.

Be as true as possible to the ICA Statement of Co-operative identity (Values and Principles).

International Statement of Co-operative Identity

An accessible co-operative learning and information resource for all

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Principle 5 Rules (Articles)


Purposes, Aims and Secondary Rules


Sheffield Co-operative Party published ‘The Sheffield Co-operator’ a monthly newspaper from May 1922 until July 1939.

During the 1920s and 30s The Sheffield Co-operator was the only paper in Sheffield to constantly advocate co-operative principles and promote co-operatives. It reported on all of the issues which were of interest to people in Sheffield and refuted the negative reporting from the mainstream press towards co-operatives at that time.

It championed The Co-operative Commonwealth.

The Sheffield Co-operator had a guaranteed monthly circulation of 30,000

In a special edition of the Journal of Co-operative Studies, Dr Christopher Olewicz contributed a paper about The Sheffield Co-operator from 1922 – 1939 and its successor The SC Bulletin.

It will be of interest to all those who are interested in co-operative politics:

Building the co-operative commonwealth in Sheffield: The Sheffield Co-operator 1922-1939

The Journal is published by The UK Society for Co-operative Studies.

for more information:

The Sheffield Co-operator info

Principle 5 has revived ‘The Sheffield Co-operator’ and has so far published four editions.

The Sheffield Co-operator 2017

The Sheffield Co-operator 2018

The Sheffield Co-operator 2020


Principle 5 Pamphlets

Pamphlet 1 – Edward Carpenter – Sheffield and Socialism

Pamphlet 2 – Edward Carpenter – Co-operative Production

Pamphlet 3 – A Honora Enfield – The Future of Co-operation-1

Pamphlet 4 – Six Years of Labour Rule

Co-operative News Index

The on-line index can be searched at:


Co-operative news was indexed for around 50 years from it’s first edition in 1871. It had not been indexed since the First World War. The current indexing is proceeding steadily.

Co-operative News became a monthly magazine from February 2017. Since that date, articles can be searched and read on the Co-op News website: https://www.thenews.coop/uk/

To access online editions of Co-operative News from January 2006, and support the organisation’s independent co-operative journalism, please consider joining Co-op News as a member: www.thenews.coop/membership


The Principle 5 Collection

The Principle 5 Collection is now fully catalogued. The archive and library material can be downloaded from the archives page


The Principle 5 Team



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Dennis Chambers – Sustainability


Jonathan Cook

Jonathan Cook*

Dave Berry*

Nick Edmondson*

Dr. Chris Olewicz* – Publications

Steve Thompson – Social History

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