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Book Author Shelf
Voices of Wortley Hall – the story of Labour’s Home 1951 – 2011 John Cornwell Shelf One
When We Build Again – let’s have housing that works Colin Ward Shelf One
Life As We Have Known It Edited by Margaret Llewelyn Davies Shelf One
How to Set Up a Workers Co-operative – Radical Routes – Catalyst Collective Michael Cassell Shelf One
Mapping Popular Politics – A brief history of radicalism in the North East John Charlton Shelf One
Weavers of Dreams – Founders of the modern cooperative movement David J. Thompson Shelf One
Trolly Wars – The battle of the supermarkets Judi Bevan Shelf One
Up Then Brave Women – Manchester’s Radical Women 1819 – 1918 Michael Herbert Shelf One
Voices from the CWS – an oral history 1942 – 2014 Kath Connolly & Maria Goulding Shelf One
The Co-operative Revolution – A Graphic Novel Shelf One