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Book Author Shelf
The world of Co-operative enterprise 1996 Plunkett Foundation Shelf Four
Woodcraft and World Service I.O. Evans (Blue Swift) Shelf Four
Working Men Co-operators Rt. Hon Sir Arthur Acland, Bart. & B. Jones Shelf Four
Working Together – co-operation through the ages F.J. Gould Shelf Four
The World Co-operative Movement Margaret Digby – sec. of Plunkett Foundation Shelf Four
The Co-operative Opportunity The UK Co-operative Council Shelf Four
The Folk Trail – philosophy and activities of Woodcraft Fellowships Leslie A. Paul (Little Otter) Shelf Four
Industrial Co-operation – the story of a peaceful revolution Shelf Four
Life and Struggles of William Lovett in his pursuit of bread, knowledge and freedom Introduction by R.H. Tawney Shelf Four
Our Story – A history of the co-operative movement for young co-operators Isa Nicholson Shelf Four